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When the chilly weather comes calling, heat up your style with cozy cardigans and sharp sweaters for men from Nautica. Discover zip-up and men's pullover sweaters in iconic colors and statement prints poised for blustery fall and chilly winter styles.

While sweaters were once thought to be only suitable for preppy styles, it’s clear now that they can fit into any aesthetic. If you pair a cardigan with a graphic band tee, it instantly takes on a grungier feel. When you choose instead to rock a knit pullover with joggers, it quickly becomes more athletic. Our versatile sweaters are ready and waiting for you to incorporate them into your personal style for a look that makes you stand out from the rest. 

Dress for Success in Timeless, Polished Men’s Sweaters

Create relaxed weekend looks and polished work ensembles with versatile sweaters for men. Explore a few of our favorite styles to uncover your new wardrobe staples.

  • Crewneck: A timeless essential, our men's crewneck sweaters were made for cool-weather style. Wear it alone for lightweight comfort or layered over a t-shirt for added warmth. 
  • V-neck: Like our crewneck styles, the V-neck creates a neat and polished look that's easy to wear with anything. The V-cut offers a little more space around the neck, making it ideal for pairing with collared shirts for a thoroughly put-together outfit. 
  • Quarter-zip: Redefine upscale casual wear with a cozy quarter-zip sweater. The zip lends a relaxed touch to this style, while the tailored fit keeps the overall impression feeling incredibly clean and polished. 
  • Full-zip: Fall in love with layering in our ultra-soft full-zip designs. Cozy fabrics deliver the warmth you need in chilly weather, while the classic full-zip men's cardigan sweaters fit flawlessly over tees and button-downs for effortless casual or upscale style. 

What you wear with your sweater will also determine the formality level of your outfit. For example, a cardigan or crewneck paired with men's jeans and classic men's shoes like sneakers is much more casual than the same sweater paired with slacks, dressy men's socks and Oxfords. 

Learn to Layer with A Men’s Cardigan Sweater

A men’s sweater can be so much more than just a piece of clothing. You can create a polished and put-together look when you layer a men’s cardigan over any type of shirt. Cardigan men don’t all have to be like Mr. Rogers, in fact, cardigan sweater men are sometimes the rugged and fearless type. 

The key to good sweater layering starts with a solid men’s base layer. The outfit ends with stylish men's coats & jackets that complement the sweater in a big way. And the entire look is complete once you add the right men's winter accessories into the mix. 

Shop Stylish Designs In Sweaters for Men

Embrace the iconic blend of comfort and style in Nautica’s warm men's knit sweaters. Browse your favorite designs in solid colors for a clean and classic look or find signature stripes and bold prints to showcase your personal style. Expect to find staple neutrals like oatmeal, ivory, light gray and navy-blue sweaters within our large collection. When you’re ready to pump up the style, look for olive green, burgundy, ash green and even pinks and purples. And don’t forget the prints: We’ve got classic, retro and whimsical print sweaters available, too.