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Every guy should own the comfiest, coziest winter accessories for men to brave the chilly fall and winter temperatures. No matter what the weather dictates, stay ready for every outdoor adventure with winter hats for men from Nautica. Find the best selection of beanies for men as well as matching gloves in cool styles and colors to suit your taste.

No matter your sense of style, Nautica carries a variety of men's cold-weather hats and essentials to shield you against the harsh elements. Dress in warmth from top to bottom with your choice of a men's beanie or one of our other knit hats, men's gloves and unique accessories that add some extra sophistication to whatever you're wearing. All our accessories carry our simplistic J-class icon, so your friends will know you’re team Nautica all year. 

Stay Classic in Skull Cap Men’s Winter Hats

Our men’s knit skull hats are made from 100% acrylic, so they’re comfortable and easy to clean. Each hat features a classic cuff with the Nautica logo on it and you’ll find them in neutral colors like black, navy and gray, as well as bolder, trendier colors like yellow, aqua and berry. Choose a color that matches your outfit or one that brings out your eyes. 

Skull caps are slim and sleek, so they serve as the ideal men’s base layer under hoodies or winter coat hoods. You can also wear them with knitted men's sweaters for a comfy and casual look while indoors. 

Add Style with Ribbed and Cuffed Beanies for Men

If a chunky sweater is a winter staple, so is the ribbed and cuffed beanie for men. Boasting a functional, streamlined style, these beanies have a more traditional winter hat feel for the old soul. Like our skull hats, our beanies feature a classic cuff with our J-class icon embroidered on it. Because these are classic styles, they only come in Nautica’s staple colors of black, red and navy. 

Ribbed beanies keep your head warm when it’s snowing, but they can also turn iconic men's jeans into a decidedly winter outfit when worn inside. These beanies can highlight the same style whether you’re bald or boast flowing locks. You can even wear one over a ponytail if that’s your style. 

Simply Stay Warm with A Men’s Hat and Gloves Set

Anything that comes as a set will look polished and be easy to wear, so go ahead and accessorize your head and hands with our men’s winter hat and gloves sets. The J-class icon and Nautica names are stylishly embroidered on both the hat cuff and the glove cuff, so it’s clear they’re meant to be together. Additionally, both pieces are made from acrylic, so they’re machine washable. 

The only thing that could make your Nautica hat and glove set better is by pairing it with one of Nautica’s signature men's jackets. An all-over Nautica winter outerwear look helps you keep those warm weather wishes with you at all times. Shop our men's shoes and men’s new arrivals to create a completely curated Nautica look from head to toe.