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Sustainably Crafted

Discover a fresh take on the styles you love with Nautica's sustainable clothing for women. Explore our eco-friendly women’s clothes to find your new favorite looks for feel-good style. 

Stylish Threads, Responsible Sources   

Feel great about the apparel you love with ethical women’s clothing crafted from a variety of sustainably sourced materials. Wear pieces featuring recycled poly yarns made from plastic water bottles, as well as biodegradable fabrics crafted from sustainably harvested wood pulp. With special attention on ethical water management, creative recycling and biodegradable materials, our eco-friendly women’s clothing line helps you feel confident that your wardrobe is sustainable from beginning to end. 

Chic and Sustainable Women's Clothes

Stock up on trendy styles with a sustainable take on all your favorite pieces. Browse wardrobe basics like rib-knit sweaters, polos and eco-friendly graphic tees, then cozy up in a pair of joggers or signature Nautica denim jeans. With all your favorite colors, fits and styles, Nautica makes it easy to find chic and comfy sustainable clothing for women. 

Find eco-conscious clothing for everyone with Nautica's ethical women's clothing and men's sustainable collection. Learn more about our sustainable craftsmanship initiative to discover everything there is to love about one of the top sustainable women's clothing brands.