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Flip Flop & Slides

Flip flops and slides are an essential style of footwear for relaxing at the beach, lounging by the pool, or just kicking back at home. At Nautica we stock a range of comfortable men's summer shoes and sandals to help you make the most of your leisure downtime.

The Nautica Men's Flip Flops and Slides Selection 

Flip flops are the classic form of men's open-toe shoe, easy to slip on and take off, and coolly fresh for sunny days. They offer the lightweight benefits of old-style sandals with added comfort and convenience.

Slides move the idea up a slip-on style, replacing the flip flop's plastic band with a soft fabric strap that stretches comfortably over your foot. Slides also beef up the sole of the shoe, adding shock absorbing materials to make them solid enough for trips away from the poolside.

High Quality Materials for Comfort and Convenience 

But whether you choose lightweight men's flip flops or sturdier slide sandals, our Nautica shoes are made from high-quality, flexible and fast-drying materials to provide comfort and convenience whenever a sunny day and water meet.

With a selection of sporty looks designed to impress, men's flip flops and slides are the essential final ingredient to complete your beachwear style. At the end of the day when its tome to head out for dinner, complete your look with a stylish men’s boat shoes or our men’s loafers