Shopping Bag

When you shop on and add an item to your purchase, it is saved in your Shopping Bag. Your Shopping Bag will store the products you wish to purchase while you explore the rest of our product assortment. Items in your Shopping Bag will remain there until they are purchased or removed.

Please note: If an item is out-of-stock, we will automatically remove it from your Shopping Bag and/or Wish List. In addition, we will remove items that remain in your Shopping Bag longer than 30 days.

Options in the Shopping Bag:

  • Review your order. Review the details of your order before you proceed to our secure Checkout. This ensures the accuracy of items in your Shopping Bag and the quantity selected.
  • Update order quantity. If you wish to update the order quantity of any item, simply type the desired quantity next to the item and click "Update".
  • Remove an item from your Shopping Bag. Select the item and click "Remove from Shopping Bag" or change the order quantity to zero and click "Update".
  • Return to shopping. If you wish to continue shopping on after viewing your Shopping Bag, click the desired page link listed under "Continue Shopping". Items in your Shopping Bag will remain until they are purchased, removed, or moved to your Wish List. At any time, you may return to your Shopping Bag by clicking "My Shopping Bag" at the top of any page.
  • Proceed to secure Checkout. When you are ready to purchase your order, click "Proceed to Secure Checkout". Our checkout process is fast, easy and secure. Find out more about our secure shopping guarantee, click here.
  • Move an Item to Your Wish List. If there are items in your Shopping Bag that you wish to save but not purchase immediately, you can move them to your Wish List by clicking on "Move to Wish List." Find out more about your Wish List.