Product Info and Care

The fabric for Nautica products is preshrunk prior to construction to minimize shrinkage. The seams are taped to give garments longevity and prevent abrasion. The "athletic" design provides a generous fit for an active range of motion. The classic sportswear styling is tailored to meet customer needs - practical, durable, functional and dependable. For the best performance, please see clothing tags for complete details.

Nautica is pleased to offer a Home Furniture collection. We do not currently sell our furniture on If you are looking to purchase our furniture, please visit Nautica Home Furniture for information on our collection and to locate a local dealer.


Searching for Products:

When looking for a specific product on the site, we recommend searching with the style number that is published on the hangtag of the garment. We’ll be happy to assist you in finding the item—if a hangtag isn’t accessible, the style can be researched using your original order number.

The RN, VDR and WPL numbers which are found on tags sewn into the neck, waist or side seam are registered ID numbers from the Federal Trade Commission that identify the manufacturer, importer, distributor or seller of the garment. Unfortunately these numbers do not help us identify the specific style you’re looking for.