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"They are very, very
comfortable and the fit
is perfect. "

- Felipe

Perfect for layering or as loungewear for relaxing at home, find a variety of undershirts for men in multiple colors and sizes. Then, shop more men’s clothing selections for a total wardrobe update from Nautica. 

Classic Short Sleeve Undershirts

Short sleeve undershirts are essential items for any men’s wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for men’s white undershirts for a classic look or men’s V-neck undershirt designs to change it up a bit, our undershirts come with many top-quality features, including: 

  • Crewneck or V-neck designs for lasting comfort and versatile layering. 
  • 100% cotton designs for a light, breathable feel. 
  • Machine wash for easy clean-up and convenient long-term maintenance. 
  • Nautica’s iconic J-Class logo in a subtle location just above the hemline.

Available in neutral whites, blacks, and grays, as well as bolder blues, get your men’s short sleeve undershirts in packs of three or five to suit your needs. 

Men’s Sleeveless Undershirts 

Men's undershirts come in a variety of styles—but you can’t go wrong with the iconic tank. The sleeveless, scoop neck design of the men’s undershirt tank allows you to wear it under nearly anything for all day comfort. These 100% cotton, lightweight tanks are machine washable for a quick and easy clean, and they also make great sleep shirts. Available in a range of solid colors like white, black, and gray, get a 3-piece set of men’s tank top undershirts to find your favorite tank.

Layered Undershirts for Men

A proper layered look can help you stand out and feel confident in your fashion. Undershirts are key to layering, as they provide a perspiration-blocking barrier between you and your dress shirt or sweater and added warmth in certain situations. 

Layering with Colors and Necklines 

Although you can’t go wrong with a solid color undershirt, some colors are more appropriate for layering in certain situations than others. If you’re wearing a white dress shirt, a black or grey undershirt may show through, altering your look. Likewise, if you prefer to leave your top button undone, you may want to wear a V-neck to prevent your undershirt from peeking through. 

Grey men’s undershirts can be worn under other grey shirts or sweaters for a modern monochromatic look, or with a pair of athletic shorts for a gym-ready outfit. Black men’s undershirts make good options under black dress shirts or sweaters, or under your favorite flannel or sweatshirt for a casual, comfortable look. 

Should You Wear Cotton as a Base Layer?

Soft, durable, and great on your skin, undershirts made with cotton offer many advantages. But depending on your intended use, cotton may not be ideal for certain situations. You may want to use cotton undershirts in mild temperatures, such as breezy summer days or in controlled weather environments like offices or restaurants. When out on extensive hikes in hotter weather, or braving the wintry conditions for the ski slope, a cotton-base may make your day slightly uncomfortable. 

From undershirt tanks to short sleeve shirts, find undershirts for men for casual and business-casual occasions at Nautica. Then shop a range of other apparel like men’s T-shirts, jeans and polos, and enjoy free shipping on orders over $60.