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Decorative Pillows


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When your room needs a splash of inspiration, throw pillows deliver the perfect accent decor. Our carefully selected range includes pillows in neutral colors and classic designs as well as bold, modern throw pillows to suit every decor style. 

Stylish Throw Pillows for Every Room 

Our collection features throw pillows for the couch, bed or armchair, making it simple to liven up every space in your home. Look for full pillows as well as throw pillow covers and shams to jazz up your existing bed and couch pillows.

And for entertaining in the summer months, our outdoor throw pillows provide a quick and easy way to add color and comfort to your outdoor living areas.

Tips for Choosing Decorative Throw Pillows

Accent pillows and throw pillow covers can make a huge difference in the look of a room, so it's important to choose designs that complement your decor. The following considerations and tips will help you get it right.

Color Matching 

When choosing the color of your pillows, you have two main options: coordinate or stand out. If you're using decorative throw pillows on a couch or sofa, contrasting colors can make a dramatic impact. But if you're using throw pillows for a bed with a patterned comforter or sheets, choose a matching color to enhance rather than clash with the bedding.

For example, you could add a splash of color with navy throw pillows in a room with a blue color scheme or choose a bold red pillow for a statement-making focal point.

Prints and Textures 

When choosing between solid throw pillows or those with a patterned or print, consider the backdrop. A highly patterned couch can benefit from a solid color to soften the overall effect, while a patterned pillow can spice up a simpler background.
Play with texture by mixing and matching accent pillows made of different materials. Smooth, plush shams are ultra-soft to the touch while quilted and knit pillows add dimension and intrigue for well-rounded decor. 

Throw Pillow Shapes 

The most common throw pillow shape is a square, which is versatile and easy to pair with any piece of furniture. Rectangular pillows also make great options for placing on couches or beds, where the longer cushion shape adds contrast to square pillows. For bigger beds, position smaller accent pillows in front of large Euro pillows and shams for greater depth.

Trims and Embellishments 

Modern and classic throw pillows with subtle trims or embellishments provide extra visual interest to the space. Even something as subtle as piped edges can put the finishing touches on your bedroom or living room. 
Now that you know what you’re looking for, find the throw pillows and shams you need to brighten up your home at Nautica. Select the designs, sizes and materials that best fit your style to create a more comfortable space.