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Coming up with great gift ideas for kids isn't always straightforward. If you're short of inspiration, Nautica can come to the rescue with a huge selection of gifts for kids that aren't toys, made up of stylish items for girls and boys of all ages. 

Our fashion and accessories collection covers essential clothing for growing children, fun items that make excellent and unusual gifts for kids, and hard-wearing but comfortable activewear—all with the trademark Nautica blend of style, quality and value! 

Choose a Snazzy Sleepwear Gift for Kids

Sleepwear makes a reliably popular kids' gift, bringing both fun and comfort when bedtime gets near. Our range includes sleepwear for boys and girls alike, in a range of traditional or modern designs to suit every little one's sense of style. We carry sleepwear in lightweight materials for the summer months, as well as heavier, warmer styles that make a wonderful gift for wearing in colder weather.

Activewear: Clothing Gifts for Kids

Kids can never have enough clothes for outdoor activities, and activewear of any kind will be a clothing gift that parents will appreciate just as much as their little ones. Choose from rugged joggers, slimline leggings and waterproof outerwear that'll stand up to the heaviest of play sessions.

Wardrobe Essentials for Boys and Girls 

Regular clothing also makes a great gift for kids, and the range at Nautica offers plenty of options to explore. And while any of our clothing items will provide the quality and style you're looking for, some of our sections are more popular for gifting than others: 

  • Graphic tees and other highly colored items make a vibrant splash in any kid's wardrobe and have the sense of fun that's essential in a successful gift. 
  • Tops or bottoms with dramatic patterns like spots or stripes stand out from everyday clothing and help ensure they become a favored choice. 
  • Pants or dresses with a more mature style can appeal to older kids, giving them a gift that makes them feel all grown up. 
  • Extravagant designs such as party dresses or items in dazzling colors can make excellent clothing gifts for kids, giving them an exciting wardrobe option that goes beyond everyday wear. 

But whichever style of clothing you choose, you can buy safely with the confidence that all Nautica products are made to the high standards needed for the heavy wear that kids will put them through. And with a selection of new arrivals for girls and the freshest fits for boys, you can make sure their look is never out of style. 

Shop Cute and Cool Clothing Gifts for Kids at Nautica 

Bring smiles to the faces of the young ones in your life by browsing gift ideas for kids here at Nautica. With all the high quality and on-trend style you expect from Nautica, you can rely on us to inspire presents they’ll love this holiday season!