Nautica's Sustainability Voyage

As a global lifestyle brand with a heritage and strong bond with the water, Nautica continually strives to show our respect for water as a natural and life-sustaining resource by working to minimize the environmental impacts of our products and operations. For 2013, Nautica established an overarching goal:

We will strive to incorporate sustainability into our products and operations by focusing on the following initiatives:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2% of 2009 levels by reducing energy use in our offices, retail stores and distribution center.
  • Ensure the new Nautica full-price stores includes sustainable materials and design as is economically feasible.
  • Pilot test sustainable materials and processes and begin to scale into our products.


Water is core to the Nautica brand and, as such, we have a clear responsibility to address increasingly scarce water resources and lack of access to clean water for more than 1 billion people. As a natural extension of that responsibility, we are committed to reducing our water footprint throughout our supply chain, protecting our oceans, increasing water availability for global communities and partnering with our consumers on water conservation.

We strongly believe that we need to work together with others in the apparel industry, other industry sectors and leading non-governmental organizations to most effectively address the global water crisis. In March 2011, we joined the CEO Water Mandate, a public-private initiative designed to assist companies in the development, implementation and disclosure of water sustainability practices. Our most recent report can be found on their website here:

Energy and GHG Emissions

Climate change is not only creating severe disruption in weather patterns and natural habitats, but also is greatly affecting freshwater systems and water availability around the world, leading to desertification, floods and melting glaciers. We know that Nautica consumers feel a deep connection to water and concern for our planet. In 2009, we joined EPA Climate Leaders (see Center for Corporate Climate Leadership) and worked with them to identify our Carbon Footprint for Nautica owned, operated and leased facilities. Since then we have been tracking our footprint on an annual basis. As a start, in 2012 we retrofitted our Martinsville Distribution Center and two Nautica U.S. outlet stores with more energy-efficient lighting. In 2013, we are retrofitting twenty-five more outlet stores with LED lightbulbs. This project will reduce our GHG emissions by an estimated 300 Tons of CO2e in one year – the equivalent of planting 7,500 trees! As we learn more about opportunities to reduce our carbon impact, we will continue to make reductions in both our own operations as well as our supply chain.


In order to protect our oceans and beaches, we must be more aggressive in eliminating the waste that contaminates them. From our Hudson River Clean-Ups to implementing 30% post-consumer recycled shopping bags and reducing garment polybag thickness, Nautica is continually working towards reducing our waste and making more efficient use of the world's resources.

Community and Associate Engagement

Education of our own associates, our consumers and other stakeholders is central to the success of our program in truly integrating sustainability into everything we do. Nautica took an important step last year by establishing BlueGreen Guidelines to require more environmental practices for our meetings, events and daily office activities. In 2011, we built on our existing internal sustainability speaker series by instituting mandatory sustainability workshops for all associates. We now have sustainability as a featured section of the onboarding process for all new employees. In addition we have established an employee engagement program that brings associates outside at least twice a year to engage with local communities in bettering our environment.


Nautica launched a corporate partnership with Oceana in 2009, the largest international organization dedicated solely to ocean preservation. Nautica has since become increasingly involved in efforts to support Oceana's mission of reversing the declining health of marine ecosystems.

On World Water Day 2012, Nautica launched the 'Give Change to Make Change' fund-raising campaign in Nautica Factory Stores and on, helping support charity: water's mission of bringing clean water to people in developing countries. In less than 4 months, more than $150,000 had been raised and the first project of the campaign was fully funded! To date Nautica has now raised over $500,000 via loyal customer's donations and has funded several additional water projects in the countries of Nepal and India.

Looking Ahead

As we continue our voyage, we plan to share our progress and learn from other industry and NGO partners as to how we can best navigate the waters ahead. We know that this is an uncharted path and we must constantly re-evaluate how the way we do business impacts the earth, our oceans and global communities.